Introducing the dehydro™ range of high performance redispersible polymers

The traditional market of redispersible polymer powders include hydraulic systems such as tile adhesives, exterior and interior renders, self levelling compounds, joint fillers, grouts and exterior insulation finishing systems (EIFS). Acquos’ dehydro™ range of high performance redispersible powders have been developed to be used in such hydraulic setting systems. Furthermore, given the high performance nature of the dehydro™ range, manufacturers are able to expand the fields of application of their finished products. We have therefore delivered to our customers, a competitive advantage by delivering higher flexibility, better water resistance and greater compatibility with a greater range of hydraulic systems dehydro™ Redispersible polymer powders are unique in that being based on acrylic technologies they offer benefits to the formulator in being able to obtain flexible and higher water resistant polymers than the traditional redispersible polymer powders on the market.

Acrylic Technology

Acrylic technology is the next level of redispersible powders. Acrylic polymer technology has long been appreciated as the polymer of choice for cement based products due to the excellent hydrolysis resistance of the acrylic polymer backbone, and the versatility of the polymers obtained such as flexibility, clarity, core/shell polymer morphologies, chemical stability, water resistance, excellent resistance to alkaline environments, versatility and rheology characteristics not easily attainable with traditional polyvinyl alcohol stabalised systems.

Why use a dehydro™ powder?

Rather then devising a two pack system of a liquid and powder, implementing an Acquos dehydro™ redispersible powder allows you to incorporate your polymer binder as a powder into a bag. The immediate cost savings come from doing away with pails, lower shipping costs and easier handling for the end user by simply adding water. Deferred cost benefits also arise from two major areas; a better shelf life and better quality of use.
Two pack systems are reliant on the end user to ensure the formulation of the end mixture. Using a one pack system means that product manufacturers can control the amount of polymer binder in the end product. End users are unable to further dilute a product, as it becomes unworkable by becoming too runny. They are forced to mix to a workable consistency every time.
Incorporating a dehydro™ Redispersible powder improves the application properties of a standard mortar mix. Incorporating the dehydro™ Redispersible powder improves flexibility, adhesion properties, mechanical properties, workability and working time.
There is no longer a concern that bacteria will grow in your liquid component, meaning your product will have a much longer shelf life. Furthermore, liquid dispersions are thermodynamically unstable, meaning that there is a small inherent risk that they may start to break down. Using a dehydro™ Redispersible powder removes any risk.