The Dehydro™ Redispersible powders are used in conjuction with a dry mortar mix specially formulated for building facades. This render was either via a two part component mix or just a standard sand and cement mix. Incorporating a Dehydro™ Redispersible powder allows for the creation of a Render in a Bag product. A one component system. This render will have improved properties such as

  • Shock Resistance
  • Flexibility for small building movements.
  • Compression and Shear strength

Only by using an Acrylic polymer, is your render a true Acrylic render.  Acrylic redispersible polymer powders are advantageous in many ways over standard redispersible polymer powders, including water resistance.

Contact Us for product samples and further information on making or formulating your render with the next generation of Dehydro™ Acrylic redispersible polymer powders.