For tile adhesive applications, both the dehydro and Hydrocyl range of products are suitable.

dehydro Redispersible powders
Cement based tile adhesives, are preferred over two part systems as they confer greater benefits to end users. The Dehydro™ redispersible powders are incorporated into cement based tile adhesives. The Dehydro™ redispersible powders improve:

  • Flexibility;
  • Tile Adhesion performance;
  • Water Resistance;
  • Compression and Shear strength; and
  • Open time of adhesive.

Hydrocryl latex emulsions
By incorporating an Acquos Hydrocryl polymer dispersion into either improves product performance or can act as a binder role. In hydraulic setting systems the Hydrocryl polymer emulsion acts as performance modifier improving

  • Tile Adhesion performance
  • Water Resistance
  • Compression and Shear strength
  • Open time of adhesive.

In ‘pre-mixed’ adhesives, Hydrocryl polymer emulsions take on a binder role. As well as taking on this binder role, they also improve the above performance characteristics.

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