Acquos is a privately owned chemical company, with its head office based in Melbourne, Australia.

Acquos is a leading Australian manufacturer of liquid emulsion polymers and redispersible polymer powders. It is Australia’s only manufacturer of redispersible polymer powders.  Both the Acrylic polymer emulsions and Re dispersible polymer powders are made in Australia.  The office and new manufacturing plant complex which was built in 2003 is located in Campbellfield, on a site encompassing 30 acres in total. The plant utilises leading-edge technology that is internally designed and developed. It encompasses Acquos’ drying manufacturing technology and one of the most automated dispersion plants in the world.

Our Commitment: 

Our corporate goal is the commitment to continue to lead in both liquid and redispersible powdered polymer technologies for the coatings, adhesives and sealants industries. As a privately held company, we aim to leverage our dynamic abilities to ensure that our strong fundamental and customer focused research programs yield the polymers that will take your products to the next level. This includes maintaining a flexibility and dynamism that ensures that we are able to deliver on product development to our customers, within their expected timeframe.

Acquos maintains a worldwide network of subsidiaries, affiliates and other offices to ensure that our customer focused attitude is maintained through the markets that we serve